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Zinedine Zidane Says He Didn't Mean To Disrespect Gareth Bale With Latest Statements

Zinedine Zidane Claims He Didn't Mean To Disrespect Gareth Bale With Latest Statements

Real Madrid’s boss Zinedine Zidane has claimed he didn’t mean to disrespect Gareth Bale with his latest statements about the Welshman. The French confirmed that Los Blancos were in the process to part ways with Gareth Bale ahead of their first preseason game against German side Bayern Munich.

That day, the Frenchman declared:

"Bale did not play because he is very close to leaving. We hope he leaves soon, it would be best for everyone. We are working on his transfer to a new team."

After Zizou’s words, Bale’s agent went off on the former midfielder, calling him ‘a disgrace’.

Now, with Madrid preparing to face Arsenal in their second game of the preseason, the manager has insisted he didn’t want to offend or disrespect Bale, even stating that the player himself chose not to play against Bayern because he’s very close to leaving the club.

"That's the problem. At times my Spanish is a bit confusing," Zidane said, via

"I'm going to try and be very clear. Firstly, I haven't shown a lack of respect towards anyone and particularly not towards a player. I've always said the same thing: the players are the most important ones in all of this. Whenever there's a player involved, I'll always back them.

"Secondly, what I said the other day is that the club was working on his exit.

"Thirdly, Gareth didn't come on because he didn't want to. He said that the club was working on his exit and that's why he didn't come on."

He then went to say that the former Tottenham star will continue to train with the club normally, as it’s not a problem for anybody and doesn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable.

"The club is doing what it has to and that's all there is to it. Bale is currently part of the squad and I respect that. That's the most important thing for me," the boss said.

Latest updates on Bale’s situation suggested that the Welsh star has offers from European clubs, but Jiangsu Suning and Beijing Guoan from the Chinese Super League have also been linked with the 30-year-old.