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Zinedine Zidane Keeps Making Excuses Amid Real Madrid's Injury Nightmare

Real Madrid Legend Bashes Zinedine Zidane For ‘Signing Substitutes’

Real Madrid's nightmare start of the season has just gotten worse after their newest signing Ferland Mendy suffered an injury and won't be available for the team's weekend clash vs. Atletico de Madrid.

Zidane played down the importance of Mendy's abductor injury, but seemed clearly upset about how many players the team is missing right now with injuries.

The Frenchman went on to blame the team's tough schedule for their injuries, as the team was already without Marco Asensio, Isco, Marcelo, and Luka Modric before losing Mendy:

"I'm not worried but it does bother me that we have a lot of injuries," the Madrid coach said at a news conference. don't want to see my players injured but that is part of football, we can't control it. You can take great care of the players, the backroom staff are very good. But not just that, you need sometimes a bit of luck. (Mendy) is an important player for us but things happen.

In the games, you have lots of demands. Really, nowadays players aren't resting. We have seven games in 21 days, they've all played for their international sides and they're going to have more international games after these games. It makes things difficult," Zidane said in a press conference, as reported by the Evening Standard.

Moreover, Real Madrid's boss had his staff's back and defended them from all of the criticism they've been facing from the team's fans, that claim their poor man-management is to blame for all of the injuries:

"Everyone can have an opinion and say, '(the staff) is doing this wrong' but we need a bit of respect for these people – they have proven that they know their jobs. We work hard in pre-season, it's necessary to do that. There's lots of reasons why people can get injured in games and you have to accept it. It's not just Real Madrid that have injuries, all clubs do. Current players nowadays are playing every three days. They went off with their international sides, they go off afterward, there's no rest.

When I played, we played 45 (games), now they're playing 60. It's almost two seasons in one at the moment. Perhaps this is the problem. Soccer changes and we're playing 60, 65 games and that gives you problems. I think it's complicated when you have players that go off to international sides. It's difficult sometimes when you lose and you give players a day off and you get criticized as well. There's planning behind all of this. It's all planned. There's a lot of traveling, minutes on the pitch, so there will be injuries. Players aren't machines, they're human beings," he concluded.

Real Madrid started the season with the wrong foot and things got way out of hand when they were demolished 3-0 for their UEFA Champions League debut, so Zidane better figures things out and stop making excuses sooner rather than later.