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Ayesha Curry Posted A Pic With A Huge Snake Around Her: "Bucket List"

Ayesha Curry Posted A Pic With A Huge Snake Around Her: "Bucket List"

Ayesha Curry is living her best life right now. Stephen Curry's wife has worked so hard to be where she is right now and has taken some time to enjoy herself, showing incredible pics to fans.

The 33-year-old recently celebrated her birthday, going to the beach and wearing a stunning swimsuit. These pics weren't the only ones she shared on social media. More recently, the NBA wife achieved one of her goals when she took a picture with a huge snake around her neck. 

Curry took to Instagram to share three pics of her trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and the first two are simply incredible. She appears with a snake around her neck, looking incredibly happy. 

It must have been a big experience for her, as she looked incredibly pleased to be in the presence of that snake. It was as big as stunning, but Ayesha looked at it like it was a regular pet. 

The actress and TV personality isn't scared of these things and she's confident in trying new things. It's really good to see that she enjoys her time with herself, traveling around the world to live new experiences. 

Meanwhile, Stephen is recovering from an injury that will likely keep him sidelined until the start of the 2022 NBA playoffs. The Golden State Warriors legend has had some ups and downs this season and this latest setback might be more painful than the others. The Dubs need him ready to go in the postseason, and he's hopeful to make a return before it's too late.