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Bronny James Explains Why He Liked The Photo Of Larsa Pippen

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Bronny James

Bronny James was trending on Twitter as some false rumors surfaced that he DMd Larsa Pippen. That rumor started as a result of Bronny James liking one of Pippen's photos, and Black Sports Online seemed to infer that due to that like, that the two had been messaging. That pissed off a lot of people close to the situation. The claim also makes no sense, as likes and messaging aren't connected on any social media platform. Likes do not equal messaging.

Bronny James recently went on Instagram to explain the situation. His explanation seems as reasonable as any, and it is a shame that such a simple act started false Twitter rumors. NBA Retweet reported on Bronny James' post.

This explanation makes a lot of sense. Bronny James is well acquainted with the Pippen family, as he is teammates with Preston Pippen on his high school basketball team in Sierra Canyon. This explanation is more plausible than any lies that people put out. People like pages and posts while not meaning anything all the time. Millions of people like celebrity photos, but most of those people don't necessarily want to slide into the DMs of that celebrity.

The media can drive false narratives, and blow things out of proportion. Bronny James didn't mean anything by liking Larsa Pippen's selfie: It's a selfie, for crying out loud. Selfies today are an extremely common type of photo, and anyone with a decent following will get some likes on their selfies. It also doesn't seem unreasonable for Bronny James to like a photo of someone he knows. The false allegations have gone too far, and hopefully, this rumor storm will end fairly soon.