Danny Green Sent A Jersey To 94-Year-Old Grandma Who Picked Him As Her Favorite Sixer

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Danny Green Sent A Signed Jersey To A 94-Year-Old Grandma Who Picked Him As Her Favorite Sixer

Danny Green recently surprised a 94-year-old woman that took her time to start learning basketball, at her age, and came up with a very good list of her favorite players. Her favorite NBA star was James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets and the guard took to social media to praise the lady and her good taste.

Moreover, Green found out he was the lady's favorite Sixer and the shooting guard didn't miss his chance to send a thank you gift to the woman, who looked very excited to see she was getting a lot of attention from strangers around the world and NBA players. Twitter user Lili Gu shared a picture of the lady with a notepad where she wrote her favorite players. The tweet went viral and a lot of people talked about her. Green learned about the story and sent a jersey to the lady, who couldn't believe what she was holding.

The NBA community showed some love to this woman and encouraged her to keep studying and watching the game we all love. In times where a pandemic is affecting the whole world, people are trying to find new ways to distract their minds and this was a great one.

It's never too late to learn and even less when you talk about basketball. This grandma did it and she knows how to spot a good player, although a lot of fans will disagree with her picking Green.