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Miles Bridges Caught Shooting His Shot With Kyrie Irving's Ex-Girlfriend Kehlani


Miles Bridges may be sidelined right now, but he's not missing any time, apparently. The Charlotte Hornets dunker cannot keep bringing his magic on the court, but he's ready to shoot his shot online, as fans recently found out. 

The 23-year-old forward, just like the rest of the world, is seemingly an avid TikTok user. He didn't miss his chance to shoot his shot with RnB singer Kehlani, one of the most beautiful women in showbiz. 

Via TotalProSports

Miles Bridges is a wild man.

The Charlotte Hornets star, who is currently married to Michelle Johnson and has two kids with her, is going viral on social media over a comment he made about another woman. That other woman just so happens to be RnB star and Kyrie Irving’s ex-girlfriend, Kehlani.

This is definitely wild, no doubt about it. However, Bridges is a married man and it doesn't look good that he's commenting on other women's posts His wife, Johnson, didn't take this so well and deleted all the pictures of the Hornets player from her IG profile. 

Back in the day, Kevin Durant said something similar about Scarlett Johansson but he then changed his statement after the Marvel Studios actress got married. 

Miles did the same, but this time he was caught in 4K, shooting his shot with Kyrie Irving's ex-girlfriend while he's married. And, to make things worse, Kehlani recently came out as a lesbian, so it wasn't like he had high chances to succeed.