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Kevin Durant Has Epic Response When Asked If He'd Still Drink Scarlett Johansson’s Bath Water

Kevin Durant Has Epic Response When Asked If He'd Still Drink Scarlet Johansson’s Bath Water

Kevin Durant keeps surprising everybody with his comments and he had an epic one recently when he took part in a little Q&A session on ‘The Boardroom’ Twitter account. Durant discussed several topics, going from his rehab, the best prospects in the country right now and his old tweets.

We recently saw KD’s best tweets of all time, and there was one who got more attention than the rest. Back in the day, Durant claimed he would drink ‘Scarlett Johansson’s bathwater’, a comment that drove the internet crazy.

He gave a little update on this on Tuesday, ending the possibility of him doing such a thing. When some user that went for the name ‘SARA’ asked if he’d still drink Johansson’s bath water, his response was short and clear:

“She’s married,” Durant wrote.

We’re not sure what the answer would have been if the movie star wasn’t married at this moment, but it looks like KD has set his sights on different targets. He’s been linked and caught liking some pictures in the last couple of months, leading to speculation about a potential new relationship for Durantula.

The only certain thing now is that Scarlett Johansson ‘missed’ her chance to invite Kevin Durant a drink.