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A 10-Day Hardship Deal Is Worth Almost $60,000, While The G-League Base Salary Is $37,000

A 10-Day Hardship Deal Is Worth Almost $60,000, While The G-League Base Salary Is $37,000

NBA teams have signed many G League players to patch their absences during the new COVID-19 outbreak. Players of all ages have found their way to the association, joining teams with big expectations or franchises trying to get some wins while the stronger squads play without their stars. 

Players like Isaiah Thomas and Lance Stephenson found their way back to the NBA after playing for the Denver Nuggets' G League affiliate. They signed 10-day contracts, like every other player, earning almost twice the amount they would get in the G League. 

The NBA is one of the premier sports competitions in the world, and the money they earn every season is massive. That's why a 'simple' 10-day contract would get players more than the salary base in the G League. Ben Creider of Sports Illustrated compared how much players will make in 10 days to what they could get earning the base salary in the development league. 

Per the Winter Showcase telecast, the G-League base salary is $37,000.

A 10-day hardship deal is worth nearly $60,000

The difference is huge between 10 days of NBA competition compared to an entire G League season. $37K is a lot for many people, but by NBA standards, it's really not that much. To give you some perspective, the base salary for a rookie player this season is $925,258, per Hoops Rumors. 

This competition features incredible athletes that make a lot of money. However, not everybody can make as much as the top 30, and not everybody can get the call from the league. So, even if it's a short tenure in the league, several players will make good money while sharing the floor with the best ballers in the world.