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Alex Caruso On Anthony Davis: "The Beast Is Waking Up..."

Anthony Davis

With the Lakers in a tailspin, Anthony Davis has been at the center of criticism and doubts for weeks now.

And though he's not quite 100% yet, Alex Caruso says it's only a matter of time before he reminds everyone of just what he can do...

(via Spectrum SportsNet)

"I can’t speak for him personally, but I know I’ve heard a lot of chit chat, some tweets, some words around the world about ‘AD is so soft and he’s falling all over the place,’ and guys got to understand they’ve just got to give him a couple games to get his feet under him,” Caruso said. “The beast is waking up, as everybody can tell.

Last game he looked more like himself, this game he’s doing reverse dunks to finish the game. We’re starting to see vintage AD and he’s rounding in to form.”

This has to be fantastic news for the Lakers. After spending much of the season in disarray, seeing Davis start to return to his peak form gives renewed hope that they might stand a chance at defending their title.

Of course, their fate will ultimately depend on LeBron James as well. It will be hard for them to win if he isn't healthy.

For now, though, fans are finding some solace in the fact that, at the very least, Anthony Davis seems to be returning to form.