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Anonymous NBA Agent Takes A Major Shot At Russell Westbrook: "They’re Better Without Russ, And He Won’t Come Off The Bench. He’s Going To B—h And Moan. He Thinks He’s The Russ Of Old.”

Russell Westbrook

At this point, it's undeniable that bringing in Russell Westbrook was a huge mistake for the Lakers. What started off as early optimism eventually turned into resentment, and Russ clashed with practically every member of the team.

Now, with a new coach, the Lakers are hoping that they can salvage their partnership with Russ and figure out how to make things work with him on the floor.

But according to one NBA agent, they shouldn't even bother trying. In a recent chat with Eric Pincus, he laid into the former MVP and suggested that the team should just bench the guy until he changes his game.

(via Bleacher Report):

"They're better without Russ, and he won't come off the bench. Good luck with that. He's going to b---h and moan. He thinks he's the Russ of old," the agent said. "'John Wall' him and take time... to know what they need before jumping in. The team can't lose this trade, and everyone knows it. Trading just to trade is an awful mentality."

Of course, trading Westbrook is proving to be especially difficult for the Lakers. With his value at an all-time low, it's unlikely that the Purple and Gold will get anything of real substance in a deal.

If it does happen, it might not be right away. As one NBA agent said, they should just be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

Meanwhile, an NBA agent suggested the Lakers should be patient in trading Westbrook.

"He'll become easier to trade closer to the deadline [with the Lakers responsible for more than half of his 2022-23 salary]. That's a lot less money for an owner to spend on," the agent said. "Teams are more realistic on where they stand at that point. Other players become unhappy. Some may become available that [simply] aren't right now."

No matter whose side you're on here, it would be better for everyone if Russell Westbrook moved on from Lakerland for good.

Unfortunately, it's just not that simple. He's locked in for another year and no team in the league is willing to take a chance on him right now.

Either way, it's long overdue for Westbrook to re-assess his game and approach with this team. He's going to have to change if he wants to be set free.