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Anthony Edwards On KAT's Trash Talk With Jimmy Butler: "Man, They Grown Men, Dog. They Just Be Talking, Having A Regular Conversation, If You Ask Me... It's No Competition If We Not Talking Sh*t To Each Other."

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Jimmy Butler was back at it against Karl-Anthony Towns on Friday night, calling the Minnesota Timberwolves star 'soft as baby s**t'. These words sparked many reactions on social media from fans defending the Dominican-American player. 

This is normal for Jimmy Butler, and it's very common for the rest of the league. Proof of that is Anthony Edwards and what he had to say about this whole team, claiming that if you're not trash-talking rivals, then you can't say you're actually competing. 

After the game was over, with the Miami Heat winning 121-112, Ant-Man stole one question from KAT, as he decided to play things down and explain that Jimmy and Karl are two adults that know how to handle these things. 

"Man, they grown men, dog. They just be talkin, havin a regular conversation, if you ask me... It's no competition if we not talkin sh*t to each other."

This is the culture you used to see in the NBA. Nowadays, players don't engage rivalries and get criticized for being too friendly with rivals, contrary to what happened in the 90s and 2000s. 

As we all know, Butler's departure from Minnesota wasn't the sweetest one of all. A lot of rumors suggested he was constantly arguing with KAT, Andrew Wiggins and the rest of the team due to their work ethic (or lack of). 

Perhaps Jimmy still holds grudges from those moments. He's letting people know what he thinks of KAT, but again, this is Jimmy Butler we're talking of; he is willing to go against anybody to take the W. 

This is a man's world and if you can't take what people throw at you, you're going to have a bad time trying to make it in the league.