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Jimmy Butler To Karl-Anthony Towns: "You're Soft As Baby Sh*t."

Jimmy Butler To Karl-Anthony Towns- "You're Soft As Baby Sh*t."

Among other things, Jimmy Butler is an excellent trash talker.

Time and time again, he finds new ways to get under his opponents' skin, often poking and prodding at them with words until they finally crack.

During Miami's victory against the Timberwolves on Friday, Butler was up to his usual antics, this time against Karl-Anthony Towns. At some point during the game, he calls out the young star for being soft...

Towns doesn't seem to take the bait and just kind of laughs it off, a pretty solid showing of wisdom from him,

Of course, considering all that Towns has had to endure this season (losing family members due to COVID-19), "soft" probably isn't the right word to describe him.

As for Butler, you can't blame him for just doing his thing. He's always been a spark plug for the Heat, and bringing the energy is just par for the course for him.

The Heat moved up to 6th in the Conference after Friday's win. If they can stay there, they will get to avoid the play-in tournament.

Regardless of how successful Miami is over these next few weeks, though, you can bet Jimmy will continue to bring all the energy he's got...