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Austin Rivers Builds His Perfect Combo Guard: Penny Hardaway's Body, Russell Westbrook's Athleticism

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Austin Rivers was asked to build his perfect combo guard and the Houston Rockets player didn't hesitate. He named some of the best players in today's NBA as well as one of the most talented point guards this league has seen in history.

During a recent edition of 'Go Off with Austin Rivers' on UNINTERRUPTED, the 27-year-old shared what he believes are the characteristics his perfect combo guard needs.

"Imma go defense for mine. I'll take my damn defense, Imma go with myself," he started. "I want my combo guard to have the body of Penny, I wanted to have the athleticism of Russell Westbrook, I want it to have the shooting range of Damian Lillard, hands of Kyrie and my defense. That's my perfect combo guard."

That is an interesting combo guard. One could say Penny's body is a weakness since we all know what happened with the former Orlando Magic PG and how injuries prevented him from having the career we expected him to have. Moreover, when you talk about defense, it's not like Rivers is the best at it, but he shows confidence in himself and that's something valuable in a player.

Plenty of fans have started to build their perfect combo guard, trying to change the narrative from all the GOAT debate taking place in the league at this moment. What are the pieces for your perfect guard?