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Austin Rivers On Skinny James Harden: 'If Beefy Harden Was Averaging 36 So I Don’t Even Know What Skinny Harden Is Gonna Do'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

James Harden recently surprised everybody with his new semblance, as he appeared in a picture looking leaner, with most people making fun of his for his appearance, saying he looked like a 'homeless' person. Well, jokes aside, Harden's teammate Austin Rivers thinks this will be helpful for Harden and the team when the league resumes.

Harden was already dominant with all the muscles he had gained over the last couple of years. The point guard is confident the skinny version of Harden will be even more dangerous for the rest of the league.

“I gotta see if that picture is real,” Rivers said, via FanSided. “Cause he looks — I don’t know what he’s been doing during quarantine. He looks good though.”

“Y’all can call it what you want but ‘beefy’ Harden was averaging 36 so I don’t even know what skinny Harden is gonna do,” said Austin. “He definitely lost a cool 20 pounds.”

The Beard teamed up with Russell Westbrook this year to try to take his Houston Rockets to the promised land once and for all. Although people thought they've had trouble playing together, they've been just fine sharing touches at the Toyota Center.

Moreover, now that Harden is skinny, Rivers has sent a message to the Rockets fans and their rivals. Be ready, the Beard is coming. Before the season was suspended, Harden was averaging 36.1 points per game, the highest single-season average since Michael Jordan‘s 37.1 in 1986-87.

What he will bring to the table once the season resumes? Time will tell.