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Bruce Bowen Selects The 5 Best Players Of All-Time: LeBron James Is Not On The List

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Bruce Bowen was anything but happy with ESPN's list of the NBA's top 74 players. The biggest problem for Bowen was the fact that Kobe Bryant was ranked 9th on the list, while Tim Duncan was 8th, right ahead of the Lakers legend.

Several San Antonio Spurs made the list, including David Robinson at No. 24, No. 47 George Gervin, No. 58 Manu Ginobili, No. 70 Tony Parker and No. 74 Artis Gilmore.

As expected, this list created a lot of controversies, and Bowen tried to make a new one, stirring the pot. Since the NBA suspended the 2019/20 season amid the coronavirus outbreak, every day we see people debating on who is the greatest player of all time. That said, Bowen gave his take on that, but the results were as controversial as they were in the beginning.

He picked Michael Jordan at No. 1, no surprise in that. Moreover, he put Kobe Bryant right behind MJ before completing the list with Bill Russell, Magic Johnson and Tim Duncan.

He left a great player like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar out of the list, but there is also a big name out his top, LeBron James.

Bron is the biggest threat to Michael Jordan and his GOAT status. You can say Jordan has no competition whatsoever, but Bron is often compared to Jordan and some people actually placed him ahead of the Chicago Bulls legend on their all-time list.

For Bowen, however, things are different. He picked five great players, but as usual, that didn't please everyone and pissed off a lot of fans.