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Channing Frye Explains Why Lakers 'Big 4' Will Have Problems: "It Is 2021. There Are Not Enough Balls To Go Around.”

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Collecting a lot of talent on the same team is generally a good way to win a championship. Generally, we've seen a trend over the last decade where superteams win championships, though there are definitely some exceptions to the rule. More talent usually doesn't hurt.

Besides the talent aspect though, there is also the chemistry aspect of a team. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers have added some solid players such as Carmelo Anthony via free agency, as well as acquiring Russell Westbrook via trade. However, a lot of their players are used to high usage rates, and it remains to be seen whether they will end up adapting to each other's play styles.

That is Channing Frye's precise concern for the Los Angeles Lakers. On a recent episode of his Road Trippin' podcast, he brought up the fact that there is only one basketball and that he thinks the Los Angeles Lakers "Big 4" of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony will face problems. (41:23)

I love Bron. I love A.D. I like Melo. I like Russell Westbrook. It is 2021. There’s not enough balls to go around.

There's no question that sacrifice needs to happen in order for the Los Angeles Lakers to get the best out of their talent. They have a lot of ability on paper, and it seems as though Frye's concerns are about how it all fits together. This echoes the sentiments of Lakers' assistant coach Phil Handy, who stated that "paper doesn't win championships" and that the Los Angeles Lakers have some work to do on gelling with one another.

It remains to be seen how it all fits together, but sometimes, you just have to bet on the talent working it out with one another. Hopefully, their summer moves work out, and perhaps we'll see the Los Angeles Lakers make the Finals once again.