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Charles Barkley Mocks LeBron James's 4th Championship Celebration: “This Guy LeBron Is One Of The Greatest Players Ever, But I Don’t Know How He Be Getting Hair.”

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Charles Barkley returned to comment on all the action in the NBA and he didn't disappoint. The former player has always brought joy to fans with his colorful comments, as he doesn't care about who he talks of, he'll always speak his mind. During the NBA opening night, Barkley went after LeBron James, making fun of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar and his hair.

James received his fourth NBA ring but Chuck wasn't paying much attention to that. Instead, he focused on his hair and the fact that LeBron magically makes it appear season after season. This has been a recurrent topic around the league for quite some time now and Barkley couldn't help himself and wondered what's really going on with LeBron's hair.

“The guy (James) is one of the greatest players ever, but I don’t know how he be getting hair,” Barkley said.

LeBron's hairline is a very sensitive topic for him. He's been trying to look clean since his hairline started fading in Cleveland and so far he's done a very good job. Last season in the bubble he had to maneuver his hair and what appeared to be the glue that kept it in his head.

Chuck isn't afraid of expressing his opinions and even less when they're this funny. This is not the first time he's made these comments and it probably won't be the last.