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Damian Lillard Reacts To Fan Who Doubts That He Is Better Than Russell Westbrook



Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook are two of the NBA's best point guards, but they also happen to be engaged in one of the most intense player-vs-player rivalries in the league.

Having met multiple times in the regular season and playoffs, their dynamic has always been one headlined by battles -- a battle for the win, a battle for supremacy, and a battle for the title of being a better guard.

Even amid the league's hiatus, that rivalry is still alive and well, as shown by one of Dame's most recent Twitter replies.

In a now-deleted tweet, one fan practically scoffed at the idea that Lillard was better than his OKC rival. Dame's reply was one of complete savagery.

Trying to figure out who the better player is has been a debate the NBA community has yet to settle. Russ is clearly more athletic and better on the boards while Dame is considered the better shooter, ball handler, leader and clutch performer.

On the state sheet, Russ actually has Dame beat in most categories (career numbers at 23 points, 8.3 assists, and 7.1 rebounds per game compared to Dame's 24, 6.5, and 4.2 per game average) and his 2017 MVP victory is one accolade Blazer point guard has yet to earn.

Unlike Russ, however, Lillard isn't knocked for his poor shot selection and is a much more efficient shooter than Westbrook has ever been.

Needless to say, the argument can go either way and everybody's going to have their own take on it. As for Lillard, he's here to let people know what he thinks, whether they like it or not.