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Dennis Schroder Fires Back At Fans About "Fumbling The Bag" In Newest Instagram Post

Dennis Schroder

Dennis Schroder's free-agency debacle has become quite a spectacle for the NBA community.

After turning down a contract extension worth $80+ million by the Lakers, he entered the 2021 offseason with high expectations and a whole lot of optimism about his future, fully betting that he'd get max dollars by another team in free agency.

Unfortunately, Schroder would remain unsigned for a few weeks into the summer, until he finally agreed to join the Celtics on a one-year, $6 million contract.

The worst part for Schroder, though, isn't missing out on millions of guaranteed dollars. It has been the reaction by the fans and media, who have blasted him continuously for not accepting L.A.'s offer when he had the chance.

Until today, Schroder hasn't really said a whole lot to addresses his situation and has only really promised to prove his worth this upcoming season.

On Instagram, he broke his silence on the haters, going at them full force in a bold and unapologetic post featuring pictures of himself and his luxurious rides.

I’m gonna do this ONE time! Insert your best “fumbled the bag” joke here. 👇🏿 😂

It’s my birthday 🥳🎈so let’s get this over with and get back to business!

Like @realcoleworld said
“Some n#%gas make millions,
other n#%gas make memes.”

There is no arguing that Schroder made a serious mistake when he decided to chase the max in free agency instead of sticking with the offer that was already on the table.

But, amid all the noise, the guy has a right to clap back, and his post was very loud.

Love him or hate him, Schroder is an athlete who has made millions playing the game that he loves. While "success" takes on many different forms, it's hard to call this guy a failure, all things considered.

He's out there living his best life.