Donovan Mitchell Jokes With Ja Morant About Workout Video: "Bruh Fighting For His Life On That Treadmill."

ja donovan

Ja Morant is a player that is known for being a hard worker and a gym rat. He has brought the Memphis Grizzlies to the playoffs this season after defeating Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in the play-in. However, the Memphis Grizzlies were eliminated in the first round by the Utah Jazz, and it is clear that Ja Morant wants to get better, as he's already back in the gym.

A recent video posted by Ja Morant himself shows him training with NFL running back Leonard Fournette. The video features the pair running on a treadmill, and Ja Morant is clearly putting a lot of effort into the workout. Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell roasted Morant, with Mitchell claiming that Morant is "running for his life".

The workout is certainly rigorous, and it's clear that Donovan Mitchell is just poking fun at the video. Ja Morant responded in kind and simply said that he was "trying to keep up" with the treadmill.

Donovan Mitchell and Ja Morant are both rising young stars in the Western Conference, and they are both the leaders of their respective teams. Hopefully, all this works pays off for Ja Morant, and perhaps one day we'll see both players each other once again in the playoffs.