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ESPN Hilariously Cuts Off Kendrick Perkins During Extended Rant About Lakers

(via Twitter/NBA Central)

(via Twitter/NBA Central)

Kendrick Perkins has always been among the biggest supporters of LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. So, following their Game 3 loss against the Heat in the Finals, it's no surprise he had their backs.

Speaking on the likelihood that the Purple and Gold close out this series in 5 games, he went on a bit of a rant about how how the team only lost this game because they came out lethargical. In fact, he was so invested in his little speech, that ESPN had to cut him off to close the show.

The fans, who have mixed feelings about Perkins and his takes, were sharing laughs on Twitter about this moment.

When it comes to the Lakers, Kendrick Perkins can get pretty passionate and that much is no secret to the NBA community. He is often the first to defend their losses and has given countless reminders on how good they can be. It was to be expected that he ends the show with them.

Next time, though, he should keep his closing statement short and sweet -- or risk being cut off on live television for a second time.