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Isaiah Thomas Sends Heartfelt Message After Lakers Debut: "That Sh*t Keeps Me Going..."

Isaiah Thomas

2x All-Star Isaiah Thomas had been working to get back into the league for a while before finally being given another chance by the Lakers. And when he inked a 10-day contract on Friday, nobody was sure what to expect.

But by the end of his first game, fans were convinced he was a major asset to the team and it didn't take long for Lakers Nation to fall in love with I.T. and all that he brought to the organization.

On Saturday, by the time people had a chance to react to his 19-point debut, Thomas made sure to show how thankful he was for all the love.

The LOVE you guys show me doesn’t go unnoticed, I’m thankful and appreciative of it all! That shit keeps me going fr fr

At one point, IT was right up there as one of the best scoring guards in the league. During his prime, he averaged 25.5 points, 6.1 assists, and 2.8 rebounds per game on 44% shooting.

After getting hip surgery in 2017, Thomas never lived up to those standards again, and he was pretty much out of the league by 2020.

His return pro-action has been full of amazing moments, like the time he dropped 81 points during a weekend game in Seattle.

I wasn’t showing y’all a snippet of me being emotional so y’all can feel sorry 4 me. Hell no!!! My life is GREAT!! I was showing y’all that to see what it feels like to give everything you have to something you love and to see it slowly coming back where it’s suppose to be TMC.

That emotion was tied up from the last 4yrs battling every single day!!! I ain’t talking about the “league” giving up on me lol. THE WORLD GAVE UP ON ME & WAS SHITTING ON ME WHILE I WAS DOWN AND OUT!! When you love something you’ll do whatever it takes to get that!!! I’m back.

Thomas got cut several times over the past few years, essentially cutting his comeback bid short before he was really able to make any noise.

But, with the Lakers, he has one more chance to prove he can be a valuable asset in the league. After a solid showing in his first game, his future is looking pretty good.

In the end, however, there is no guarantee the Lakers will keep him once his 10-day contract expires.