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Isiah Thomas Congratulates Stephen Curry On Passing Him In Career Points: "Keep Moving The Game Forward."

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Stephen Curry had a 37 point explosion against the Brooklyn Nets, sealing a victory for the Golden State Warriors. As a result of his scoring barrage, he passed Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas on the all-time scoring list.

Isiah Thomas took to Twitter to congratulate Stephen Curry on being able to do so while telling the star point guard to "keep moving the game forward". We all know how Stephen Curry helped the game evolve with his 3PT shooting, and he is a transformational player.

Isiah Thomas and Stephen Curry have a fair amount of similarities. Both were smaller guards that managed to lead their team to multiple championships. They were both clearly talented players that simply knew how to win at a high level.

The Golden State Warriors will hope that Stephen Curry's scoring outbursts continue, as they will need him to carry the scoring load until Klay Thompson returns. Thompson's return was reported to be around Christmas time. While they do have some supplementary scoring from players such as Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, there is little doubt that neither are viewed as All-Star caliber scoring partners as of right now.

The 12-2 record the Golden State Warriors have currently is one that was surprising for some. However, their success is understandable because they have a top 5 player in the league in Stephen Curry, as well as a cadre of solid role players around him that can do their part on both ends. It's not totally out of the blue.

We'll see whether the Golden State Warriors are able to keep up this pace for the entire season, but it is entirely possible. The Warriors' offense looks more cohesive this season, and their defense more stifling. They have looked like a contender thus far, and with Stephen Curry, anything is possible.