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James Harden’s Mother Tells Hilarious Story Of The Only Time He Threw A Basketball At Girl Who Was Flirting With Him

(via Houston Chronicle)

(via Houston Chronicle)

For an episode of E:60, James Harden's mother shared a rather hilarious story of the time he lost his cool and threw a basketball at a girl who liked him.

“He got in trouble one time in junior high, he threw a basketball at a girl..he wasn’t into dating, just wanted to play basketball. I think she was trying to flirt with him, so he threw the basketball at her. Sorry?”

Even back then, James Harden was committed to his craft. And while he's not throwing basketball's in anyone's face today, that same passion and fire for the game can be seen with his performance on the court. It's fair to say that his dedication and passion have paid off.

As an 8x All-Star, 7x All-NBA Player, and 2018 MVP, he has become one of the best ballers in the game and has managed to keep himself out of trouble both on and off the court.

His focus now, of course, is leading the Rockets to a title, an accomplishment that has eluded the Rockets since the mid-90s.

With their coach gone and long-time GM moved on, nobody knows what the Rockets will look like next season. But, so long as they've got Harden, they'll always be a threat in the West.

After all, he's been locked-in since he was 12.