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Jay Williams Thinks Kevin Durant Flexed When He Decided To Talk With Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai

Kevin Durant

The Kevin Durant saga has been the biggest talking point this offseason. Given how the Brooklyn Nets crashed out in the first round itself and how they have failed to make waves in the postseason, something was bound to change and Durant demanding a trade was a real possibility.

While Durant had requested a trade several weeks ago, there was no clear headway in the same. But all of it changed a few days ago. Seeing that his trade request had stalled, KD had a meeting with Nets' owner Joe Tsai.

Although reports claimed that Durant demanded Tsai to get rid of their management in GM Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash, the Nets owner has backed his management and it has become clear that a KD trade is inevitable.

Former guard and pundit Jay Williams recently commented on the latest developments. In a recent episode of ESPN's KJM show, Williams had a rather interesting comment claiming that the Durant confronting Tsai for trade was more of a publicity stunt.

"You tell me a scneario where you have delivered an ultimatum to a billionaire where it typically works out in your favour.. I think it was a flex."

The Durant trade talks have been making all the headlines, and it is no surprise why KD has been the center of the offseason till now. Given how much controversy this potential trade has had, this Durant trade saga is surely here to stay.

With the Nets making clear that they are committed to their front office, KD's departure from the Nets looks inevitable. But given much trade value, a player like Rudy Gobert had, trading for Durant won't be an easy task.

Only a handful of teams are contenders and have the assets to pull off a trade for Durant. But given his injury history and how frequently he is willing to change his allegiances, will teams be willing to take that risk?