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Kendrick Perkins Reveals His 5 Picks For Western Conference All-Star Starters

Kendrick Perkins Reveals His 5 Picks For Western Conference All-Star Starters

With the 2022 NBA All-Star game now in sight and the voting open as well, fans are certainly looking forward to it. After all, the All-Star weekend is one of the best times to be an NBA fan.

We see the best players in the league team up and have fun throughout the weekend. While there are many amazing players in the NBA, there are only a select few who get to be a part of this event each season. Even among them, the All-Star game starters from each conference are considered top of the crop.

Be it popularity among fans or simply playing basketball at an elite level, the starters are head and shoulders above the rest. Speaking of which, many NBA analysts have now started to share their picks for the 5 starters from both conferences.

Kendrick Perkins recently revealed the 5 players, he believes should be starters from the Eastern Conference. Following that, the former NBA player turned analyst also revealed a similar list for the Western Conference. Perkins tweeted in his signature pattern:

"'My' Western Conference All-Star Starters!!! Carry on…"

As usual, there are many talented players in the West, but Perkins believes that Stephen Curry, Ja Morant, LeBron James, Nikola Jokic, and Rudy Gobert deserve to be the starters.

All things considered, he has created an acceptable list for most fans around the globe. Each player that he mentioned is having a phenomenal season and is doing something great to even be considered for this honor.

Steph Curry is currently one of the favorites to win the regular-season MVP. On top of that, he is leading the Warriors to the best record in the West and securing the first seed in the conference. The cherry on the top is his huge popularity among basketball fans.

Next up we have Ja Morant, who is having a breakout year and without a doubt deserves a shot at becoming an All-Star for the first time in his career. 

Both LeBron James and Nikola Jokic are having great individual seasons, unfortunately, their teams are yet to help them in pushing to the next level.

Lastly, we have Rudy Gobert, who continues his dominance as one of the best centers in the league. Furthermore, he is part of the Utah Jazz, who are just two games behind the Warriors and the Suns to claim the number 1 seed in the conference.

These players certainly look like the favorites to claim the starting spot from the West in this year's NBA All-Star game, but we will find out the answer when the voting results are out later.