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Lakers Fan Unveils Incredible Mural Ahead Of The NBA Playoffs

Credit: kobemurals, gz.jr/Instagram

Credit: kobemurals, gz.jr/Instagram

It's not a secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have one of the biggest, most loyal fan bases all across the world. They're the second-winningest team in NBA history and the most successful franchise of modern basketball, that goes without saying.

That's why it's not unusual to see Lakers-related murals and art all over California but perhaps none of them have been as good as the one recently made by @gz.jr, which features their current squad with coach Frank Vogel ahead of a 'Black Lives Matter' protest with the caption "Have a Legacy".

Let's remember that various Lakers players took a stand regarding the resumption of the NBA season. They only agreed to go back to the court if they were able to continue voicing their concerns about social and racial injustice, with Avery Bradley even opting out of the season as he thought basketball would be a distraction. They're currently the top-seeded team in the Western Conference and have a strong chance of winning his first NBA Championship since 2010. They have a shot at honoring the late Kobe Bryant and also have the platform to spread awareness on the social issues that are tearing the world apart. That's why this mural is so amazing. It really shows what this Lakers' season has been all about. It goes beyond basketball, it's about having a legacy.