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LeBron James Reveals Why He's Not Thinking About Retirement: "I Know At Some Point I'm Not Gonna Be Able To Play It No More. So Why Not Try To Squeeze As Much Juice Out Of This Mother F---ing Orange While I Can."

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LeBron James remains one of the top 10 players in the NBA this season. After 19 seasons, at age 37, the King keeps playing at the highest level, although the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled to find their touch, recording a very disappointing campaign. 

Meanwhile, James keeps posting incredible numbers. They don't translate into wins, but he's showing he still got it. While many people wonder when LeBron will retire from the game, the 4x NBA champion dismisses that option. While talking on the Season 5 premiere of The Shop, the superstar explained why he's not thinking about finishing his career. 

In an interesting conversation with NFL star Lamar Jackson, honored artists Donald Glover and J Balvin, actor/writer Quinta Brunson and marketing executive Paul Rivera, James and Maverick Carter discussed his present and future in the NBA. It's safe to say that Bron feels as good as ever, and he knows he's still a great player, regardless of what people might say about his age (29:05). 

"It's just in me, man. I love competing, I love winning. I love playing the game. 'Cause I know at some point I'm not gonna be able to play it no more. Not at that level. So shit why not try to squeeze as much juice out of this mother f---ing orange while I can. Why not? And I'm still good. If I was out there on some bulls--t, like nasty-look Bron, I'd have been quit, but I'm still nice as fuck out there. So it's like, I feel like every season for me is just like a movie. Every season is like a movie and I live in it, and I'm the star in the movie. Feels dope as s--t, I be feeling like Batman. I feel like Batman, Black Panther, all of them."

Even amid a struggling season for the Lakers, James is showing all his quality on the court. His performances haven't helped his squad become one of the top teams in the West, but this certainly won't be the end of LeBron's career. He's not slowing down and the Lakers can still assemble the right team for him. If he's confident in his talents, there's nothing nobody can do and say to make him retire from the game.