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Lonnie Walker Issues Warning To Doubters: "I Heard All The Disrespect. We Acting Different This Season."

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The San Antonio Spurs haven't really been all that competitive in recent memory, and they finished in 10th place this season. DeMar DeRozan also departed this season via free agency and many have suggested that they could be headed for a full-on rebuild and a few seasons of tanking. That hasn't happened to the Spurs in a long time. The San Antonio Spurs are known for their winning history, and tanking hasn't ever been entertained. The franchise has always found ways to win, and one would have hope that they could do it again.

One of their talented young players is Lonnie Walker. Walker is an athletic wing with two-way potential. He is likely one of the players the Spurs will attempt to develop over the coming years. The Spurs have a history of helping wing players improve their game, and hopefully, they can help Walker develop into a great player. A lot of people have counted out the Spurs for the season, but it looks as though Walker has different plans for the franchise.

Lonnie Walker has recently Tweeted one of his highlight reels and suggested that he has heard all the noise, and it looks as though he's ready to try and compete with the Spurs. Often, disrespect fuels players to play better, and we can only hope that will be the case for Walker.

There is no question that Lonnie Walker has a lot of potential, and his athleticism is certainly jaw-dropping. While we obviously can't always rely on summer footage to predict how a player will perform during the season, it looks as though Walker has worked on his shot creation ability and scoring in general. Hopefully, Lonnie Walker can be a consistent scorer for the Spurs, and we'll see just how far he can bring them next season.