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Magic Johnson Calls Kevin Durant The "Most Unstoppable Offensive Force In The NBA Today."

Kevin Durant

An 11x All-Star, 9x All-NBA player, and 2x NBA Champion, Kevin Durant is, objectively, one of the best players in basketball.

And while the exact status of his ranking remains up for debate, Magic Johnson gave him a rather glowing review, calling the Nets superstar the "most unstoppable offensive force" in the NBA today.

“I had a fun dinner meeting last night with Kevin Durant, the most unstoppable offensive force in the NBA today, and his business partner Rich Kleiman,” Johnson wrote.

Of course, Magic isn't the only one to rain down praise on the former MVP. League analyst Rick Kamla recently picked Durant as the guy he'd start a franchise with.

Right now, heading into the 2021-22 season, is Kevin Durant.

I thought going into this that I might go with a younger guy, a Luka, a Zion somebody like that. But I'm like "Wait a minute". Kevin Durant has 6 more prime seasons left. 6. Not 3 or 2. He's about to turn 33.

My historical research has shown me and proven to me... Age 39 all bets are off. But these all time great guys, the Garnetts, the Reggie Millers, the Michael Jordans, the Kevin Durants. Through age 38, I have found that there is not a major dropoff. Age 39 is when it gets weird for a lot of these guys.

If that continues for Kevin Durant, that's 6 prime seasons left. He's the best player on the planet right now, the most unstoppable player on the planet right now.

Durant, 32, is coming off one of his best seasons as a pro. After coming off a torn Achilles, he returned to action to average 26.9 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 5.6 assists on 53.7% shooting.

Coming into this new season, expectations for Durant couldn't be higher, especially with healthy teammates there to back him up.

Of course, it's not wise to bet against Durant meeting those expectations. After all, we've already seen what he's capable of.