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NBA Fans Argue On If LeBron James Created The Superteam Culture: "None Of These Are Superteams"

Credit: Slam Studios

Credit: Slam Studios

LeBron James has received a lot of criticism since he decided to join the Miami Heat in 2010, teaming up with two big names: Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. That decision was very controversial, and to this day, many people trash the King for that move.

Last week, Julius Erving blasted him for ‘leading’ the superteam culture, leaving him out of his two all-time teams. These remarks sparked a lot of reactions around the NBA community. Since that, fans have been arguing about whether LeBron is responsible for the superteam culture that came after his move to Miami.

Slam Studios shared a pic going against those that claim Bron was the creator of this culture, and fans were quick to debate. The picture shows old teams with more than two stars, reading ‘LeBron created superteams.’

Some fans agreed with the pic while others said why LeBron did something done before.

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This is a tricky question for some people, but it’s clear that you can’t blame a team for their excellent eyes in the draft, picking more than two stars in different years. With LeBron, he joined Bosh and Wade in Miami, then created a superteam in Cleveland with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love and now that he’s in Los Angeles, he created a big duo on the Lakers but a lot of people believe this isn’t fair, either.

This is an exciting debate, but it’s clear that these were different scenarios. With drafted players creating a big squad, others landing there via trade after their prime was over, not all of these teams had success in the league.