Julius Erving Takes A Shot At LeBron James For Leading The Superteam Culture: Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers

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Julius Erving is clearly not a fan of LeBron James and he let people know during a recent interview, where he had to name his two All-Time Teams. Erving is considered one of the best players to ever do it, an electrifying man that stole the show on a nightly basis with his dunks and acrobatic plays.

During a recent appearance on The Posted Up podcast with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Dr. J was asked to create two All-Time Teams and even though he came up with two good squads, he left LeBron James off both teams.

First team: Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain

Second team: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Karl Malone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

As you can see, there’s nowhere to find LeBron there, and the reason why Julius ignored him is that he has led many superteams in the league and the Nets and Sixers legend isn’t a fan of that.

"He's the guy who has led the charge in terms of superteams being put together, when he put them together in Miami. He put together a team in Cleveland as well, and put together a team in Los Angeles. He can put together his own team -- I ain't gonna pick his team," Erving said on the podcast.

This is not the first time Erving talks against superteams. Two weeks ago, he attacked his own Brooklyn Nets for creating a big squad to win the championship, saying they are buying the title, comparing them to the New York Yankees in the MLB and the Los Angeles Lakers, who have had star-studded squads more than once during their existence.

Erving was one of those guys who always tried to beat the best. He played against big rivals during his career but it wasn't until he teamed up with Moses Malone that his dream of becoming an NBA champion came true. 

He never recruited other stars to go play with him but it wasn't until he found the support of another star that things changed for him.