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NBA Fans Arguing Who Is The Biggest Snub From The 2022 All-Star Game: "Zach LaVine Deserves To Be The Starter"

NBA Fans Arguing Who Is The Biggest Snub From The 2022 All-Star Game: "Zach LaVine Deserves To Be The Starter"

The NBA All-Star is arguably one of the most exciting times each season to be a fan of basketball. Each season, many players from around the league get the recognition that they deserve for their amazing performances. This season has been the same as the 2022 NBA All-Star game starters were recently announced.

Taking the fans, current players, and media's voting into account, LeBron James and Kevin Durant have been named captains for the two teams. While it is a happy moment for many players as they will get to play on the All-Star weekend, the same cannot be said for others.

There were many deserving candidates who missed out on becoming ASG starters. Instagram page "Slam Studios" made a starting five consisting players from both conferences, who could have made the game as starters.

The starting five features Chris Paul (PG), James Harden (SG), Zach LaVine (SF), Jimmy Butler (PF), and Rudy Gobert (C). NBA fans reacted to the post on Instagram and left comments about their thoughts on the team. Here are some of the best reactions posted in the comments section below:

epicmonkeyswag: "Book snubbed from the snubs."

alexrowe.14: "Apparently fans would rather have Andrew Wiggins than Rudy Gobert on their team."

valley_mitch: "Book got snubbed from the snubs list how is that possible with."

armaanv1372: "Luka snubbed from the snub list smh."

balaclava3_3: "CP3 should’ve been in it idk about the rest."

roxby_smith: "The fact that I go here and KAT isn't even argued in the comments is RIDICULOUS. Such a snub that you snubbed him outta this too."

evanistics: "Draymond is biggest snub."

aryady._: "Booker getting snubbed every year this year even from the snub team."

samyamrai: "If lavine does not even make the team NBA is rigged af."

calebrahman_: Butler CP3 Harden PG13(even tho he’s injured) Lavine Gobert."

scoobs_1023: "Harden has been carrying the nets idk how he didn't get in and butler and cp3 definitely should've got in too."

ebbucksz: "Every year y’all do this doesn’t matter if your a starter or reserve we all know everyone on this list gonna make it."

stroutmillar23: "Zach definitely got snubbed, dude is playing some stellar games and he still got snubbed."

tobystevens._: "Book and luka got snubbed form the snubs."

Considering the talent in the NBA, it is hard for every talented player to make the NBA All-Star team as a starter. At the end of the day, they will still most likely make it to the All-Star game, albeit as reserves.

Even then, there will still be a few players who might get snubbed from the All-Star game like each season. Which players will be added to that list this season? We can only guess.