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NBA Fans' Big Reactions To Bronny James' Amazing Dunk: "He's Catching Bodies Now?"

NBA Fans' Big Reactions To Bronny James' Amazing Dunk: "He's Catching Bodies Now?"

Bronny James is making some noise during his European tour, showing his quality against elite teams in the old continent. LeBron James' son has already shown his quality in the US, but now Bronny is showcasing his talents on a more international stage.  

He went today against one of the top national teams in the world, the U-18 France national team, but Bronny didn't back down against the challenge. In the second quarter of the game, he drove the ball through the court, saw the freeway, and took his chance, going to the rim with his right hand before dunking the ball with his left. 

It was such an impressive move that even his father had something to say about it, showing his happiness on social media, reminding people that the prince is coming for everything

Moreover, fans reacted to this, with some praising him for improving his game and posterizing rivals, while others acknowledged how hard that dunk was, and the rest criticized him or his father or the way he landed after dunking the ball. 

Bronny just keeps getting better, and while his brother has drawn some attention within the community, now Bronny is the one making some noise with his impressive displays. 

LeBron is the one excited by all of this since he's made it clear he aspires to play at least one season with Bronny before retiring from the game. If the 17-year-old keeps improving his level, he could be a top pick in the draft in a couple of years, giving his father the chance to make history and fulfill another dream in his incredible career. 

Meanwhile, people are in awe of Bronny, and this is only the beginning of this.