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NBA Fans Debate 'Who Comes Off The Bench' Between LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, And Kevin Durant: "Call Me Crazy But KD"

NBA Fans Debate 'Who Comes Off The Bench' Between LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, And Kevin Durant: "Call Me Crazy But KD"

LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant are four of the biggest names in basketball. Championships, Finals MVPs, MVPs, scoring titles, they've got them all, and at various points over the last 10 years, they have been regarded as the best player in the league.

So, when Hoop Central posed a hypothetical question on Twitter asking who would go to the bench if you had to pick from one of the four, NBA fans had a lot to say regarding it.

"LeBron at point, KD wing and Giannis center is a dark horse answer"

"It’s Curry and shouldn’t be that hard. Giannis is the best player in the world, Bron is putting up 30 a game at age 37, and KD just being hated on for selling out but he still averages 29 a night. Curry is the least talented player on there."

"It has to be LeBron for me, Curry and Durant to be double teamed meaning one of them is always open. Giannis a beast in the paint. Well LeBron don't scare defense anymore bro"

"Lebron gets benched. He doesnt play D anymore. he's too old. dont let those drew league numbers fool you. Hes already in full decline and hes probably the worst out of the 4 in CLUTCH TIME"

"I know ya gonna start crying in my mentions but it’s Steph!"

"LBJ .... sorry but he's just not prime LBJ anymore and you know it. He has spurts of old LBJ but only sometimes."

"RN? Durant easily. All time? Durant easily."

"There’s no reason to have Giannis when I have Lebron"

"Oddly enough it’s got to be LeBron"

"Call me crazy but KD"

"It’s Giannis no debate at all"

"steph? is this a question lmao"

"KD…. cuz Lebron can do it all, Steph for shooting, Giannis for inside."

"Damn this is tough uhmmmm but prob Giannis? Maybe even Bron, can’t be KD or Steph cause they create so much space"

"Currently, gotta be LeBron. He’s the worst of these 4 at the moment."

"Definitely KD . Lebron runs the point . shooting with Curry and your all NBA level defence with Giannis ."

"Giannis is coming off the bench and that's the only logical answer. Bron Steph n Kd together would be a better fit and too much to handle."

"I'm Definitely not a LeBron Fan, but this question left me no choice. I will Bench Steph, & keep KD/Giannis/LeBron in the Game"

"Feel like curry and Giannis are safe if we are talking about current and I would have to put Lebron cause he is the best facilitator here"

"Gotta be KD. All the others have been the true reason their respective teams have won championships. KD has never been the reason."

Fans were quite divided, as you might imagine, as it is very hard to leave out one of these guys. There is no right answer here as it just comes down to one's preference, and that speaks to the greatness of these individuals.

Curry, in particular, has seen his stock rise significantly after leading the Golden State Warriors to a title this past season, with Kendrick Perkins going so far as to say he'd take Curry over Kobe Bryant all-time. While many would consider that to be blasphemous, Curry is definitely making a case for it, and he has time to further build on his impressive resume as the Warriors will look to repeat as champions in 2022-23.