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NBA Fans Mock Andrew Wiggins' Shooting Practice: "He’s Worried About The Wrong Kind Of Shots"

NBA Fans Mocks Andrew Wiggins' Shooting Practice: "He’s Worried About The Wrong Kind Of Shots"

Andrew Wiggins is one of those infamous NBA players that have refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The Golden State Warriors forward has earned a lot of criticism due to his decision of not taking the shot, which could force him to miss home games with the Dubs. 

Wiggins showed some improvements last year, posting big numbers at the Chase Center, helping Stephen Curry lead this team to the play-in tournament. While fans expect him to pick things where he left them, the off-court issues could hurt the Dubs' chances to compete in the Western Conference. 

Many fans are mad at Wiggins' stance on the vaccine, but the player isn't paying much attention to that. Recently, the small forward appeared in a video working on his shooting skills. After Redditor "JetGan" shared the video, the community quickly blasted the player for his 'bricks' and unwillingness to take the vaccine.

Not as good as Ben Simmons shooting at practice

He’s worried about the wrong kind of shots

Mans not even worried about the wrong kind of shots either it seems.

Crazy how all the coaches have to wear masks but he doesn't.

He could be 2/2 on Pfizer instead went 2/7

It appears that his anti-vax stance is affecting his ability to make shots on the court.

Not practicing the one needed for game time

Keep practicing

It's a fucking waste to help Wiggins practice when he can't even bother to suit up for half the games. Those coaches should focus their efforts on other players that can be relied upon. Why is he even there?

he went 2/7 in the vid, I think Pfizer is a better shot

Oof. Big Yikes 😬

Man has no shot

That man is earning $30 million

Wiggins missing shots on and off the court

Just like Kyrie Irving, Wiggins is getting heavily criticized. The Canadian is adamant that he will take the shot, which could be a big problem for the Warriors. They won't have Klay Thompson back until at least December, so Stephen Curry will need all the help he can get in the meantime. 

Without Wiggins on the court, the job will be more complicated for the Dubs. Hopefully, he can change his mind and play in each of the 82 games next season.