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NBA Fans Troll Damian Lillard With Tweet Saying Omicron And Delta Would Create A 'Super-Variant': "Dame Would Never"

NBA Fans Troll Damian Lillard With Tweet Saying Omicron And Delta Would Create A 'Super-Variant': "Dame Would Never"

Damian Lillard has been one of the biggest stories in the NBA for a couple of months now. The Portland Trail Blazers point guard has repeatedly stated he's loyal to the franchise. Still, reports suggest he could be on his way out of Moda Center soon. 

It doesn't matter how many times he says it, Lillard's name is constantly mentioned in rumors about a possible trade. The player has made it clear he won't be leaving the Blazers since he wants to compete and win in Portland. Still, seeing the team's current situation, Dame leaving the squad could be a reality. 

Just like reporters doing the most to include Lillard in trade rumors, the player's refusal to leave the team has bothered certain fans, who have made this situation a meme. Recently, NBA writer Nekias Duncan tweeted an epic message after learning the Omicron and Delta variant would team up to create a 'super-variant,' which opened the door for many jokes about Dame. 

"Dame would never," Duncan wrote on Twitter. 

NBA fans read this and instantly praised the writer. Others brought more ideas to the table, trolling the variants for joining another star to have an easier shot at the win. Of course, some focused on LeBron James, trashing superteams in the league and the COVID-19 multiverse. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has done a lot of damage globally and in the NBA. The last couple of weeks have been a nightmare for the association and learning about this new super-variant doesn't make anything better for anybody. 

Jokes aside, Dame remains focused on helping his team compete in a difficult Western Conference. Recent reports suggest everybody but him is available in trade talks. This could bring new opportunities for him if the Blazers find the way to land another star. 

Time will tell how this situation plays out, but right now, nothing points out Dame will change his mind.