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NBA Fans Troll Stephen Curry’s Rap Song In College Called ‘The Commons’: “Good Thing He Stuck To Basketball.”

NBA Fans Troll Stephen Curry’s Rap Song In College Called ‘The Commons’: “Good Thing He Stuck To Basketball.”

Stephen Curry is a man of many talents. While Curry's major skill is without a doubt playing basketball at an elite level in the NBA, he is also a successful entrepreneur.

But did you know that Curry can also sing? No? We didn't either before today. Steph gave a shot at rapping during his college days before becoming a pro basketball player.

Popular Instagram page SportsCenter brought this to fans' attention with their recent reel post. The reel featured Steph Curry rapping a song, which was evidently called 'The Commons.'

"When Steph Curry made a rap song in college about an all you can eat campus hotspot called 'The Commons' 😂."

This certainly qualifies as one of the lesser-viewed videos of the Golden State Warriors superstar. So when NBA fans saw it, they started trolling Curry in the comments section. Here are some of the best reactions to the video:

k.iyer15: "Thankfully bro stuck to basketball 😭😭."

kavinrokz: "Steph shooting shots before becoming best scorer."

panthersnat1on: "Look at Curry, man."

bapujuu: "Good thing he stuck to basketball."

shawz.1k: "Why his friends had more rhythm than him 😭."

sadboizclubusa: "Lol this makes me NEVER wanna visit Davidson 😂."

xap_216x: "Yup. I can definitely see him doin this."

mjanae04: "Good thing you’re an amazing basketball player 😂😂😂😂."

malik_adeity: "I didn't understand a single word he said yo."

matty_bets_: "Who woulda thought at that time he would become the greatest shooter ever."

alamo910: "Was steph the first chance the rapper? 😂😂."

warriorsvideo: "This the man who won the scoring title at 33 years of age."

Fans flooded the comments section with a plethora of hilarious trolls pointing at the 2x NBA MVP. The common takeaway from them is the fact that fans breathe a sigh of relief that Curry is an amazing basketball player.

Because if basketball didn't work for him, his second choice of career wasn't that wise, to be honest. Thankfully, he decided to focus on basketball and became arguably the greatest shooter of all time.