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New York Yankee Fans Started A ‘F*ck Trae Young’ Chant Before A Baseball Game

New York Yankee Fans Started A ‘F*ck Trae Young’ Chant Before A Baseball Game

Trae Young established himself as the new villain of Madison Square Garden last year. During the first round of the 2021 NBA playoffs, the Atlanta Hawks dominated the New York Knicks, and knocked them out convincingly, thanks to some massive performances from Trae Young. Young's performances, coupled with his attitude and his mocking of the fans in the arena made him the most hated man in New York.

And recently, as the new MLB season started up, fans of the New York Yankees were walking into the stadium, and they started chanting 'F*ck Trae Young'. Yankees fans, many of whom are presumably New York Knicks fans, still hold a grudge against Trae Young and will continue to dislike him until they are finally able to get revenge on Young and the Hawks for eliminating them in the playoffs.

Trae Young and the Hawks dominated the Knicks last season, completely dismantling the Knicks in their first playoff series in years. Young was subjected to a lot of jeers and abuse from Knicks fans, but he actually seemed to thrive on that, as his performances got even better in the hostile Madison Square Garden environment. The Hawks completed a gentleman's sweep over the Knicks, winning in 5 games.

The Hawks went on to reach the Western Conference Finals, where they lost to the eventual champions, Milwaukee Bucks. The Hawks this season haven't been as good, dropping down to the 9th seed this season, compared to the 5th seed they held last season. They will be hoping to get into the playoffs through the play-in tournament, but they'll have to win 2 games in a row to do so.

The Knicks have been much worse this season, missing the playoffs once again. Fans of the Knicks are hoping the team does some work in the offseason to try and get themselves back into playoff contention next season.