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Nic Claxton On Kevin Durant: "I Think He's The GOAT."

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Kevin Durant Isn’t Concerned About Getting Injured Because Of Big Minutes: “I Know People May Be Concerned About My Minutes And I Got Injured And That Extra Sh*t… But I Might Play 48 Tomorrow. Just Cuz.”

Kevin Durant is one of the best superstars in the league today. His shot creation is very well known, and it is often said that he can shoot over any defender. He is the best three-level scorer in the league, and he has the Nets sitting at 1st in the Eastern Conference.

There is no question that the Nets have relied on Kevin Durant a lot recently, due to players being out under health and safety protocols. Kevin Durant has delivered some great performances as a result of his increased usage, and he scored 34 points today. 

Nic Claxton has recently lauded Kevin Durant's recent play and claimed that the Nets small forward is "the GOAT". Other players have also previously stated that Kevin Durant is "the GOAT" such as Timberwolves shooting guard Anthony Edwards

It'It's definitely not something you can take for granted. I think he's the GOAT. He's making plays for us, trusting in us, and he's just getting the job done. He playing a lot of minutes too. On the offensive end, and also on the defensive end, I don't think he gets enough credit on the defensive end. He's really active out there. Getting blocks steals. So he's definitely leading us right now. 

There is no doubt that Kevin Durant has had to step up, especially with James Harden being out for the Nets currently. As for Claxton claiming that Durant is the greatest player ever, most people would disagree with that take. However, Kevin Durant is a unique player, and talent/skill-wise he is definitely one of the best ever.

Hopefully, we see more of these Kevin Durant performances going into the future. While his minutes are a little bit of a concern, hopefully, the Brooklyn Nets will find an opportunity for him to rest in the near future. Kevin Durant is one of the frontrunners for MVP, and these performances show why he deserves the award.