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Nikola Jokic To Group Of Kids Asking Him To Dunk: "I Can't Dunk It Guys. Did You See Me Play?"

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Nikola Jokic is one of the best basketball players in the world. Anyone who watches Jokic play knows that his game isn't necessarily predicated on doing insane feats of athleticism and dunking the ball. Rather, Jokic relies on his finesse in the post and his playmaking ability, as well as his shooting from beyond the arc. He has a lot of abilities, but he's definitely not a super athlete like a lot of former players who have won the MVP award.

There is no question that Nikola Jokic can dunk though: generally, players of his height are able to execute basic dunks. However, when asked to do so by a group of kids at the Conoco Skills Challenge, Nikola Jokic jokingly stated that he couldn't dunk the ball, and purposefully got the ball stuck in between the rim and the backboard, eliciting tons of laughter from the kids.

I can't dunk it guys. Did you see me play? I never dunk. Did you see me dunk? I never dunk.

Even if Nikola Jokic isn't a prolific dunker, he was certainly good enough to win the 2020-21 MVP award. There is no doubting his effectiveness. It's doubtful that him not dunking would change the opinion of those kids about him, as everyone knows about how good of a basketball player Nikola Jokic is.

It is definitely unlikely that we see flashy dunks from Nikola Jokic in the future. While he does do basic dunks from time to time, they aren't a huge part of his game and happen far in between one another.

The Denver Nuggets will be in a tough spot next season, as they are missing point guard Jamal Murray. However, with Nikola Jokic's talent, they are always going to be at least solid, and perhaps we'll see a dunk or two out of him next season.