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Richard Jefferson: "The Best Brand Of Basketball Was The Warriors When They Had Dray, Steph, Klay And KD Because Of The Ball Movement And Spot Up Shooters."


The Golden State Warriors of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green left a big mark on the NBA. That superteam received a lot of criticism, but nobody can deny they put up a show every single game. 

Many people consider the 2016/17 Warriors one of the best teams in NBA history after having a magical season. They learned their roles very well, were very generous, and enjoyed playing with one another.

That team was incredible, which is why Richard Jefferson is convinced they are the best brand of basketball we've ever seen, offensively speaking. We have seen very good teams in NBA history. But, for RJ, those Warriors were something else. 

Talking with Channing Frye and Kendrick Perkins on Road Trippin', the sharpshooter discussed if the Brooklyn Nets are the best offensive power team in NBA history. Instead, RJ sided with the Warriors. 

"The best brand of basketball was the Warriors when they had Dray, Steph, Klay & KD because of the ball movement and spot up shooters. Klay Thompson ain't Kyrie or Harden, but Klay's got 1-on-1 work, make no mistake. The Nets are a fraction below from a style of play standpoint."

The Nets have a lot of firepower on the offense, but we haven't seen them at full strength due to injuries. Last season, they assembled a Big 3 with Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving. 

They're ready to show doubters what they're capable of doing this upcoming season while taking revenge after a second-round exit last campaign. Perhaps, after this season, we can confirm those Warriors have no comparison, or the Nets surpassed them.