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Russell Westbrook Reacts To Throwing The First Pitch For LA Dodgers: "Another Dream Became True"

Russell Westbrook Reacts To Throwing The First Pitch For LA Dodgers: "Another Dream Became True"

Russell Westbrook was born in California, but it took him more than a decade to finally don his hometown team's uniform. The Los Angeles Lakers traded for the former MVP in free agency to give birth to the league's newest super team.

Adding Russ to the mix has made the purple and gold, a true heavyweight in the West. It will be fun to see him in action when the new season begins. Until then, the 32-year-old is enjoying his time in LA.

Westbrook recently made an appearance at the Dodgers stadium, the home of the LA baseball team. As a special gesture, the team welcomed the NBA superstar to throw the first pitch.

Following the incident, Westbrook was jubilant and tweeted about it on his account.

"Another dream became true... ... WHYNOT?"

The new Lakers point guard has been enjoying his time in the spotlight. With the new season less than two months away, it will be exciting to see how well he meshed up with the rest of the squad.

Although the leader of the team will remain LeBron James, Russ' addition will help the King delegate the playmaking duties. Furthermore, don't forget the organization has one of the best big men in the league on their roster as well - Anthony Davis.

What Are The Expectations From The Los Angeles Lakers In The 2021-22 NBA Season?

On paper, the Lakers Big 3 looks absolutely lethal. Despite that, the purple and gold might not be the clear-cut favorites to lift the NBA trophy. Other teams like the Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, and Brooklyn Nets all have amazing rosters. 

Considering the competition all around the league, it will come down to how well Westbrook can connect with his new teammates. Moreover, the Lakers' last season was riddled with injuries. 

So keeping themselves healthy for the entire season will play a prominent role in the upcoming season. All things considered, the Lakers should at least make it to the NBA finals.

Do you think Russ' addition to the team makes them a clear favorite to win the title? Let us know your views in the comments section below.