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Skip Bayless Explains Why Michael Jordan Is Better Than LeBron James

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Skip Bayless went on a big rant to explain why Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is a better player than LeBron James. These two are the subject of these comparisons always, with people having different opinions on the matter. However, for Bayless, LeBron is not at Jordan’s level and he explained why during the latest edition of FS1’s ‘Undisputed’.

As usual, he was debating with former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe and Bayless claimed Jordan was better than Bron in several ways. He pointed out Michael’s record in Finals (6-0) while recalling all the times LeBron failed to win the championship, as well as remembering how Chris Bosh and Ray Allen ‘saved’ him in 2013.

He went further to mention Jordan’s accolades over LeBron’s, including Jordan’s 10 titles scoring against the single one LeBron has won; he also led the league in steals three times while Bron has done zero times. His Airness got selected for the All-NBA Defensive Team a total of 9 times while James did it 6 times. Bayless has plenty of reasons to back up his argument, but Sharpe replied saying MJ needed Scottie Pippen to transcend in the postseason, also asking what guy that Jordan beat in the playoffs was better than the likes of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant or Tim Duncan.

This debate seems to never end, but for Bayless, the answer is quite clear: there is no better player than Michael Jordan.