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Skip Bayless Sends Warning To LeBron James: "This Nets Team Has The Best Player On The Planet In KD, The Best Handles On The Planet In Kyrie And The Best Point Guard On The Planet In James Harden. Watch Out, LeBron."

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, And James Harden Will Combine For $541M If They Sign An Extension This Offseason

The Brooklyn Nets fell short of their ultimate goal of winning a championship last season, despite the fact that they assembled the team with some immense star power featuring Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving. Injuries played a role in their second-round exit, though Kevin Durant took them to within one game of the Conference Finals.

This season though, the Brooklyn Nets will likely come back with a vengeance. There are times where it takes dominant teams a season to figure it out. For example, LeBron James' Miami Heat lost their first Finals in 2010-11 to Dirk Nowitzki, only to bounce back and win two straight championships.

Skip Bayless has recently sent a warning to LeBron James about this Brooklyn Nets superteam. Bayless stated that the Brooklyn Nets are "all-time loaded" and lauded the Nets for having the best player, best handles, and best point guard in the NBA.

Shannon, you gotta face the facts. In the next two years, LeBron has no chance to win another ring... Maybe AD can take him for a nice ride in 2024, maybe. It's gonna take that because this team is all-time loaded.

This big three in Brooklyn, are gonna say "Enough of that. Enough of those guys out there, watch this."

We've got best player on the planet, best handles on the planet in Kyrie, I think a guy who's turned into the best point guard on the planet in James Harden.

There is no doubt that the Brooklyn Nets will be a formidable team to face off against for any team, and it's hard to envision any team outgunning them on the offensive end if the Nets' big three is fully healthy. The Brooklyn Nets have a very good chance of making the Finals, and perhaps they'll win the championship this year.