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Steve Kerr On Draymond Green: "He's The Best Defender In The Modern Era Of Basketball."

Steve Kerr On Draymond Green- "He's The Best Defender In The Modern Era Of Basketball."

Draymond Green is, without a doubt, one of the NBA's best defenders. The 3x Champion, who is also a 5x All-Defensive player, is capable of guarding almost any position and has been a huge key to the Warriors' success over the years.

But, according to Steve Kerr, Dray isn't just the best defender on the team -- he's the best defender in the modern history of the game.

“In my mind he’s the best defender in the league right now. I think he’s been the best defender in the modern era of basketball.” 

While Kerr's comment might be a bit ambitious, Green's impact on the defensive end is real, and the reason why the Warriors rank fifth in defensive rating.

But, more importantly, Draymond is focused on helping the Dubs return to the playoffs. 8th in the West, with a 35-33 record, the Warriors reside squarely in play-in territory, meaning they'll have to fight for the chance to earn a playoff spot.

If they manage to get in, do they have enough fire-power without Klay Thompson to make significant strides, or are they pre-destined for a first-round exit?

Naturally, we'll just have to wait and see. But with Steph and Dray, it's impossible to count them out completely.