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The Greatest NBA Graphic Ever Shown On TV

Credit: Fox Sports

Credit: Fox Sports

The NBA saves some of the greatest coincidences in the world of sports but some of them are just... Curious, to say the least. The association has a rich story and they are aware that some things seem to be off some times.

This isn't something new for the league but fans can't think that anything is good with some graphics. For instance, Fox Sports showed a graphic of the players who played 800 games in the league and recorded 13.5 PPG, 5.9 RPG, 1.4 STL, shooting 49% field goal shooting and 30% 3-point field goals.

In the graphic, you can see some of the greatest players ever, including Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or LeBron James. However, fans didn't expect to see Thaddeus Young as part of the graphic, but he did make it. Well, the numbers are there, Fox Sports only shared the information with the world.


Imagine how proud he must be to be part of such an elite list, alongside some of the biggest names in the league, historically speaking.

Well, the graphic showing Young alongside those big legends will be unforgettable and will go down in history as the greatest NBA graphic ever shown on TV. He has something to brag about so we're pretty sure he saves this memory as a treasure.