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Video: Young Fan Wearing Lakers Shirt Hilariously Asks Carmelo Anthony If Him And LeBron James Are Still Friends

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Carmelo Anthony and the young Lakers fan

Carmelo Anthony has joined the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency this offseason, and he was one of the many free agency acquisitions for the Lakers. There's no doubt that the Los Angeles Lakers are gearing up for a title run, for which Carmelo Anthony's veteran experience will be crucial.

It is no secret that Carmelo Anthony is close friends with LeBron James, and Anthony notably revealed that LeBron James called him about teaming up, stating to Anthony that "the time is now". Both players are in the later stage of their careers, and it makes sense for them to take this opportunity to finally play on the same team.

Despite their well-documented connection, it seems as though a younger Lakers fan wasn't aware that Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James were still friends. Carmelo Anthony shared a video of the fan endearingly asking him about whether he and LeBron James were still friends, during a recent book signing event, with Carmelo Anthony responding "yes". It was quite a wholesome moment for everyone who witnessed it.

Carmelo Anthony tagged LeBron James in the post as well, jokingly asking James about whether they were "cool" with one another. LeBron James responded to the Tweet, hilariously saying "Man I guess so!!" and continuing the joke.

There's no question that Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James are still close, and it will certainly be fun for fans to watch them attempt to win a championship together. Carmelo Anthony is no longer in his prime, though during his time with the Portland Trail Blazers, he has shown that he can be a capable bench scorer at this point in his career. It is insane to think that not too long ago, he was out of the league.

Carmelo Anthony can certainly be a positive contributor to a championship team if put in the right role, and it seems as though LeBron James knows that. Perhaps we'll watch Carmelo Anthony win the championship this season, and it would certainly be great to see a legend like Anthony get a ring before his retirement.