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5 Reasons Why This Will Be LeBron James's Easiest NBA Championship

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Fadeaway World

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are primed to take out the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals and win the NBA title. This has been a rollercoaster year that seemed to have started with the passing of the legendary Kobe Bryant at the start of the year. The Los Angeles Lakers winning a championship will be an honor to the legacy of 5-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant.

But this will be by far the easiest NBA title that LeBron has captured in his legendary career. 4 NBA championships in a 4-6 record is nothing to sniff at, and James will be inching closer to Michael Jordan's 6 NBA rings. Despite the distractions that this year has brought to LeBron, Lakers, and the entire NBA; the path to an NBA title was never easier for LeBron. Here is why.

5. No Fans, No Pressure

No Fans, No Pressure

Much has been made about "The Bubble" being a challenging time for NBA players. While being without loved ones can be difficult, most everyone in their everyday lives are without their loved ones for very long stretches at a time. For sports professionals, this is a sacrifice they must make.

Secondly, they are spending their entire time in a state of the art resort with better facilities than is not available to anyone else. They are in the weather of Florida and have plenty of time to perfect their craft and train without the pressure of fans or travel. It is a completely different experience playing under bright lights with tons of fans screaming your name. They are playing in a scrimmage style format without any travel either, giving them plenty of time to rest and train.

4. Experiences Squad Members

Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo

There can be no doubt that Rajon Rondo has been an incredible player for the Lakers in the postseason. Rondo has been the third star the Lakers have needed, with his championship experience and incredibly high basketball I.Q. coming into play in big moments. Rondo was a player who was with the enemy of LeBron with the Boston Celtics and was part of a Big Four that beat down LeBron James a few times in the Playoffs. Having Rondo on the squad has been invaluable and LeBron is fortunate to have him playing at a high level.

Dwight Howard, a player who has had one of the most incredibly frustrating journeys in the NBA, has also been priceless for the Lakers. His size, defense, rebounding, and experience has been critical to LA. As he has seemed to have grabbed the starting spot in the NBA Finals alongside Anthony Davis, Dwight is another player that beat LeBron James in the Playoffs and now joins him.

The experienced members of the Lakers have made LeBron's journey to the NBA Finals much easier by relieving the burden on his 35-year old body.

3. Los Angeles Clippers Choke Job

Kevin Durant Breaks Down Why The Clippers Collapsed Against Nuggets

The Clippers had one of the most historic choke jobs in NBA history by losing when leading 3-1 against the Denver Nuggets in only the second round of the Playoffs. Despite having the likes of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on the court with Doc Rivers on the sidelines, the Clippers blew massive leads 3 games in a row before falling to Denver in 7 games. Losing to the Nuggets casts the Clippers' future in doubt, and especially helped LeBron's cause.

The Clippers had the talent to play with the Lakers, who have two superstars of their own, and an assortment of defenders to throw at LeBron and Davis. Kawhi and George are superstars on the defensive end, and can certainly bother LeBron as much as possible. The likes of Montrezl Harrell and Ivica Zubac are active with plenty of size to bang with AD and make it uncomfortable for him. Without the Clippers, the Lakers had no team to fear. The Blazers were lucky to be in the Playoffs, the Rockets played themselves with the Capela trade and later the Danuel House incident, and the Nugget were battered by two 7-game series.

2. Anthony Davis - The Best Big Man In The NBA

Lakers Nation Reacts After Anthony Davis Hits Game-Winning Buzzer Beater In Game 2

Anthony Davis might very well be the best teammate that LeBron James has ever had. LeBron has had incredible teammates with the likes of Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, Chris Bosh, and Kevin Love but AD is another animal. He is a big man with guard-like skills and an unstoppable force on offense and defense. Having AD means LeBron doesn't have to carry a massive burden as Davis can score the ball every time.

Pairing any other top-5 player in the game with Davis should result in an NBA title, and that is what the Lakers have. The Lakers have simply too much talent in two dominant forward positions, meaning they can dominate the game on both ends with ease. The Lakers have the luxury of two MVP caliber players and that has greatly helped LeBron's case for a championship.

1. LeBron James’ Kryptonite

LeBron James’ Kryptonite

LeBron James has been criticized for his poor Finals record (3-6 currently) mainly due to Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. They have managed to defeat LeBron James in 3 Finals appearances, taking a .500 record to a losing one. Curry is the best shooter in NBA history and one of the greatest point guards ever, and he has basically changed the game to how it is today. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and the Golden State Warriors were anonymous this season due to injury which has meant one major opponent out of action for LeBron and the Lakers.

Kevin Durant, two-time Finals MVP, along with Kyrie Irving, were also missing in action. The Brooklyn Nets are expected to be massive contenders and they were missing in action due to injury as well. KD has managed to beat LeBron for 2 straight Finals appearances and was out this year. Without the Warriors and Kevin Durant, LeBron's season was certainly much smoother.

With a lack of competition beyond the Milwaukee Bucks (who only have Giannis Antetokounmpo to rely on) and Los Angeles Clippers (who choked), the Lakers were destined to make the NBA Finals and crush all competition. They have two top-5 players and a deep roster of defenders with size, meaning LeBron James has his easiest path to an NBA title.


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