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Chicago Bulls Native Superteam And How Good They Would Be In The NBA

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Chicago is home to some excellent basketball players, many of whom actually born and bred there. Chicago is a city that has been built on winning, and thanks to the Bull's dominance in the 90's, there's a winning culture.

It is no wonder why some excellent players have originated from the city of Chicago. Yet, what would happen if we pooled all the native Chicago players and formed a single team? How good would they be? Which players will make a difference over 82 games?

Let's see which crop of current NBA players will make an entire team of the ultimate Chicago Bulls Nation.

Starting Lineup

PG: Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose will be the main ball handler for the Chicago Bulls Nation team. Since his spectacular MVP season, Rose has dealt with countless injuries and off the court issues which has robbed us of some of his past greatness.

Luckily, Rose seems rejuvenated this season and is putting up big numbers with the rock in his hands. His scoring and playmaking ability will lead the line for this Bulls team.

SG: Kendrick Nunn

Kendrick Nunn

Nunn has come out of nowhere this season, being one of the best rookies in the entire league. Nunn plays with a lot of confidence, and clearly wants to be a great player in the future.

Even when he is very young, Nunn has taken the playing time he gets very seriously and is performing exceptionally well on offense. As a result, he earns the starting guard spot next to Derrick Rose.

Nunn's offensive impact will fit nicely next to Derrick Rose and the guard positions are looking solid already.

SF: Robert Covington

Robert Covington

Thanks to his ability to hit the three and defend multiple positions, Covington is the man to start at the three. He is a perfect wing player for today's game, and can really do it all in the right system. Since the guards will be doing much of the handy work on the perimeter, Covington can do what he normally does which is a spot up for jump shots and make rim runs.

On defense, he will be the main man tasked with defending the league's best players. This is where his value is, and he will fill that role very nicely.

PF: Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker

At the four, the Bulls will look to go smaller and Jabari Parker will take the starting spot. Despite showing a lot of promise as a young player, Parker has dealt with some injuries and was traded not too long ago. Still, Parker possesses a game that is very needed in today's NBA. Thanks to his athleticism, he can pretty much play the 3 or 4 and can spread the floor as well.

This type of player is very valuable on this team, thanks to their shooting and ability to score the basketball. Parker is no slouch physically either, so he can handle much of the forwards from a physical standpoint.

C: Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

Finally, AD will be the star of this team. Despite his preference to play the four spot, he will be given the center position and the task of leading this team to the promised land. Davis will be the key to the small-ball lineup, and his effectiveness will come by his ability to score and crash the boards.

Davis, when he's on, is an extremely lethal player who can completely take over games. He will forge a great partnership with Derrick Rose, where they will link up for alley-oops and other exciting plays. As a native Chicago player, there isn't anyone better than Davis right now.

Bench: Fred VanVleet, Patrick Beverley, Evan Turner, Andre Iguodala, Frank Kaminsky, Jahlil Okafor, Richaun Holmes

The Chicago Bulls Nation Team will have a strong bench mob, which will be the key to their successful season.

At the guard positions, Van Vleet and Beverly will provide a solid mix of shooting and defense that will rival many of the league backcourts. Their games fit perfectly next to each other's especially when Van Vleet plays the shooting guard position as well. At the wing spots, Iggy and Turner will provide solid defense and a nice overall game respectively. Iggy is still a great defender and has a lot of experience, while Turner is effective with the ball in his hands.

The backup bigs will be required to pay major minutes, so guys like Kaminsky and Okafor must make their impact when Davis and Parker are resting. Kaminsky is an excellent shooter while Okafor can do his damage down low. Their games also fit nicely together, along with Holmes who can come off the bench and provide a mix of energy and hustle inside.

Season Projection

This Bulls team will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. While teams like the Bucks have a superstar in Giannis, the Bulls have their own in Davis who will be backed by one of the best benches in the league. Only the Sixers, who have a mix of 4 All-Star caliber players, will be able to rival their depth and talent.

This Bulls team will showcase scoring, defense, and depth all season long. They will win over 50 games, and Davis will be a legitimate MVP candidate. Ultimately, they will play the Sixers in the ECF with a shot at the NBA Finals vs the LA Clippers.

While they won't win the chip just yet, they have an excellent group of guys who will enjoy playing next to each other. Bulls Nation should feel proud that they have players who represent their city exceptionally well!


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